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Product Development

The product development division is active in all branches of industrial product design. In every project we aim to realize innovative, human-centered design solutions tailored to your specific challenge or opportunity. Our multidisciplinary design teams follow a structured design approach and contain a wide spectrum of expertise such as creative facilitators, product developers, mechanical engineers and other specialists. They offer you the ideal skillset to realize original products with significant added value and appeal.

Choose us through your complete creative process for: creative facilitation, innovation mapping, opportunity definition, ideation, sketching, morphological mapping, prototyping, concept development and evaluation, CAD modelling, design for sustainability and cradle to cradle, installation manuals, product launch support, sales tools design, product visualization, product marketing, styling guidelines.

Product innovation and strategy

Do you have an idea or do you see an opportunity in your markets?

TEN can evaluate and cluster relevant developments in product design, technology and user research. Analyzing these developments allows you to identify important trends and verify the potential of your ideas at an early stage.

Tailored to your budget and planning TEN offers opportunity definition solutions ranging from brainstorm sessions and user research tools to elaborate mapping of new areas of innovation relevant for your product idea. The results form a secure basis for your new product development.

Product design and development

Starting a new development process TEN translates your opportunity into tangible specifications for your future product. All relevant product aspects are documented in order to secure qualitative concept evaluation and comparison later on.

Furthermore TEN can support your company in mapping direct and indirect competitors and analyzing the market positioning of your company. These methods have proved to be efficient for the creation of innovative solutions, with significant added value compared to your competitors.

Together with the possibility of live follow-up online, our process is fully transparent and allows you to evaluate outcomes at any time and adjust course if necessary.

Product communication and marketing

During the final steps towards your product launch TEN can assist you in various types of product communication. We can secure you a successful market introduction, through detailed product launch strategies, preparation of product branding, sales tools and packaging design solutions.

Besides product communication TEN can advise you in marketing strategies such as determining price positioning based on market data in order to generate optimal revenue from your investments.

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