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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering division is active in mechanical design, validation, development, re-engineering and industrialization of constructions, machines, industrial products and production lines.

Choose us for: our technical expertise in the design and development of your mechanical engineering challenges. 

Mechanical design

Realise your project within the timeline, through our multi-CAD mechanical engineering division. Starting from your specifications, our CAD experts design your machines, mechanisms, metal constructions and industrial products down to fully detailed drawings.
We also advise you on the efficient use of your CAD system and 3D modeling best practices, tailored to your needs.

Validation and development

We enable you to reveal and understand the durability limits of your design, through test setups or in-depth FE analysis.
Apart from detailed test and calculation reports according to EN and other standards, we specialize in further developing the geometry into more durable or more cost-efficient designs.

Re-engineering and industrialization

Evolutions in market supply and demand, as well as your OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) improvement strategy often impose your product or installation to be reconsidered.
We create, analyse, validate and develop the mechanical optimizations up to a production-ready design.